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When I contacted J Trucks and Associates, Michellle, secretary reassured me and was support of what I was experiencing. Then Todd notified me, gave me assurance again and also gave me direction of what my options were. After 2 years of my case, I found that Todd was great, always answered my calls to my questions with all the different entities I was involved with. He was honest and supportive to my needs. I am satisfied with the choices that were given to me and the final outcome. Teresa Langin, Aug 02, 2022
Our experience with Jay Trucks & Associates was top notch. The professionalism, follow through, and diligence was very impressive!! I would highly recommend this firm! Stacy Ogram, Aug 01, 2022
I had a case we began 3 years ago. Todd made sure I was kept in the loop about the case and what the plans were. I'm beyond thrilled to say I got my settlement. The entire staff I spoke with at any time was always more than willing to assist in any way possible. Definitely recommend them to anyone who may be looking for a attorney Meagan F, Jul 13, 2022
Questions were answered to my satisfaction every step of the way. I would recommend Jay Trucks & Associates over and over. Don Grover, Jul 11, 2022
Great to work with. Todd is down to earth and truthful when it comes to things. Hope I don't have to go through this stuff again but if I do will go through Jay Trucks Derek Voice, Jul 02, 2022
Jason was great information wise and in all other ways. So happy with the outcome of both lawsuits. I recommend you to everyone that needs a lawyer. Thanks so much Edward Kaiser, Jun 29, 2022
It was a pleasure doing business with Jayson. We had a setback in the beginning and I got very discouraged. But he kept my spirits up and promised me he'd keep fighting and he kept his word. Thank you for your service. Donna Garrard, Jun 28, 2022
Jayson was very professional. He went step by step explaining information I didn’t understand. He always return my telephone calls . Never had to wonder about what’s going on with my case. Dorothea Miller, Jun 28, 2022
Todd, and everyone at Jay Trucks & Associates did wonders for me and worked their hardest to make sure that I was take care. As well as my making Situation was dealt with and handled the best way possible. Thank you to everyone there. Steven Hoole, Jun 25, 2022
Hi, I had a workman’s comp claim with Jay Trucks and Associates, My Attorney who handled my claim Was Jayson Chizick, Jayson contacted me after every call or responded to me after The thousands of emails I sent to him and his Legal assistant Christi, Just goes to show you how much time and Patience they have in their clients, My case lasted bit over 2 years and I am one inpatient soul lol, They never blew up at me, I would Highly recommend Jayson at Jay Trucks and Associates to get you the Money you Deserve, Thanks for all your Patience and Help Jayson and Christi your both amazing people, God Bless and Take care and Stay Safe. Joseph V. Joseph Vance, Jun 22, 2022

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