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Superior litigation. Thank you. The skills, knowledge, level of support and commitment to me as a client from the legal teams inside the firm provided protection for my health and living future along with solutions for the financial repercussions chronic illness incurres- through a very very lengthy legal process, the teams performance was spectacular. Todd, Josh, Tammy, Angelina, my family and I are very thankful for you all, Happy Thanksgiving. I cannot recommend this firm enough. If I could rate you @ 10 stars I would do so. Michelle Place Michelle Place, Nov 23, 2022
After being injured on the job, I had no clue what to do or who to seek out for assistance. I actually had called six to seven lawyers before reaching out to Jay Trucks & Associates. I am SO glad I did!! My lawyer Jayson did not sugar coat anything. He explained everything clearly and had no problem answering any questions I had whatever time of day or how stupid the question sounded. I personally have never dealt with anything like this before and have spent alot of nights over a 5 year period wondering what's next for me and my family. I am very thankful that Jayson took my case and was looking out for me as a human and not just a dollar amount. That may sound a bit cheesy, but I have witnessed it first hand. I got thrown a few major curve balls over time, and Jayson was on top of everything!!!! Heck most of the process he told me exactly what was gonna happen before it even happened. His knowledge and experience helped not just me, but my whole family with moving on with our lives. Thank you Jayson and your team for sticking by me over these last 5 years. My family and I greatly appreciate your hard work. Thank you. Christopher Moore, Nov 22, 2022
Jay Trucks and Associates is the best Firm in the Business. The Defence Attorney told the Judge it's a $5000 case. Jason Chizick researched all the facts about the case and ended up being a $200,000 case. Jason never gave up, and was very informative. Thank You, Richard Squeo Richard Squeo, Nov 17, 2022
All I can say is Jayson is highly recommended Eddie Hooper, Nov 15, 2022
They are nice to work with, answer the phone or call back ASAP and get results. Christie Hickman, Nov 14, 2022
Workman comp was refusing to pay me after they had paid me for a year and a half I didn't know what to do Todd took over my case and got results. I can't thank them enough ! Would recommend them to any one in need Christopher Beardsley, Nov 03, 2022
Thank you Jayson! You and your team are awesome! Stephanie Keyes, Oct 27, 2022
Jay trucks & Associates were very helpful in winning my case and did all the legwork. I would most definitely hire them again. Highly recommended! Sherri LaBenne, Oct 14, 2022
I was very nervous at the start of this process as I’ve never been in a situation needing this kind of service. Jayson and Liz made it a very easy process. They always got back to me in a timely manner with any and all questions I had. Jayson and Liz took a very stressful situation and they made the process flawless for me. I would highly recommend Jay Trucks and Associates to anyone needing their services. Amy Signor, Oct 11, 2022
just finished my case being represented by Jayson, and If I need a lawyer in the future I would go back to Jay Trucks. Greg W, Oct 11, 2022
I had a great experience with Jay Trucks. Sally King, Oct 08, 2022
Jay trucks & associates did a amazing job . They got me Fair settlement for my case. I would highly recommend them for anyone . Thank again Jacob Ordiway, Oct 06, 2022
Trucks listens carefully and take into account your situation and believe you to be trustworthy. In other words they care about your case. Sally Hosack, Sep 29, 2022
Todd Trucks has provided me the best help for my slip and fall injury at work.... I would highly recommend Jay Trucks & Associates to anyone needing a lawyer for top notch representation. They were understanding and always there when I had a question or concern. Thank you Todd and Tammy!! I appreciate you guys very very much! Rhonda Revaa, Sep 22, 2022
When my employers workman’s comp company was denying me care and wages, I contacted Mr. Trucks and immediately began receiving the care I needed and weekly paychecks. All along the way, they kept me updated and refused to settle for what they thought was enough. I highly recommend them. James Brisson, Sep 21, 2022
My case seemed pretty clear cut. Hurt at work and WC can’t seem to put the pieces together. I called J Trucks and associates, they took over. Todd Trucks put me in his cell phone and told me to call him whenever I had a question or problem. I called, I text and he always answered. Didn’t matter what my concerns were, he made time for my inquiries. Thank you for all you have done for my family and myself. Patricia Taylor, Sep 16, 2022
I have had a great experience with Jay Trucks & Associates. They treated me with respect and help do the right things. I would use them again and I recommend that people need help that Jay Trucks &Associates be the lawyers to get. Thank You again Jay Trucks & Associates. Randy Taylor, Sep 15, 2022

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