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Jayson Chizick did a great job with my case. He always answered my questions and protected my interest when the insurance company would try to ignore the medical care I needed. Jayson made sure I was aware and understood everything that was happening with my case, and if there were things I didn't understand he would take the time to explain them to me throughly. I highly recommend Jayson if you need great representation.

Patti Blankenship

this is the second time ive used their services after my work accident settlement i found myself without the ability to work anymore so they helped me with my disability case after the state just simply rubber stamped my case no. i worked josh by phone but was well informed of the cases progress and could always contact him with questions. the firms people are polite and take the time to explain what going on when the legelese gets confusing

jeff tosi

Todd Trucks went above and beyond for me. He never stopped until we won our settlement. I would highly recommend this firm.

Mark Uhl

Overall a good experience

Paul Gillespie

Jay trucks & associates did a great job for me. Todd and liz were friendly and professional. I would not hesitate to call them again!

Brent Mahan

Jayson was very thorough and helpful. He broke everything down with all the logistics and made it easy to understand. Highly recommend Jay Trucks!

Amber Bolan

They always answered the phone, provided answers, took it as a step by step process...very supportive!

Jill Hillier

I want to thank you mr Trucks you have taken care of my family for years. You're an awesome attorney sir. It's obvious that the clients are first and foremost. I would recommend you to anyone!!! THANK YOU SIR...

Mike Baum

Great job. Good team. I got to know my assigned attorney personally and great care was taken to resolve my case.

Nicks Gamer and Outdoors Channel

Great contact and went the extra mile. I would highly recommend Jay Trucks and Associates to anyone who needs a good Workman's Compensation Attorney.

Richard Neenan

They did an amazing job even with having trouble contacting me and having to wait for one reason or another. Was always polite and very helpful. Made sure I was ok with everything going on and let me know exactly how everything was going every time we talked over the phone. I would highly recommend to anyone else.

Damien Pickard

Todd and his office staff were very responsive. They kept me informed about what was happening with my case. Todd was very personable and made me feel as if I were his first priority. I would recommend him to represent anyone. Thank you Todd and Liz!

michelle johnson

Jason and Liz are awesome! They helped settle my workmans comp case in a timely and professional manner. There were time's when I wanted to give up and throw in the towel .I would get frustrated with workmans comp and all the games they pull on you. Jason was always there to help with words of encouragement and explanation as to what things ment and what's going to happen next .Also kept me on track of my responsibilities . I had an injury to my right rotator cuff at work .After having one surgery I had too have another for a frozen shoulder. Nothing but problems trying to work with workmans comp I hired Jason at Jay Trucks & Associates I highly recommend them. Today my settlement was finalized for a (very generous amount ). Thank you Jason!!! Thank you Liz for always being there when I called. Thank you Jay Trucks & Associates!!!

Lynn Allbee

Nicest people very caring and easy to have contact with.A very Professional!

Shar Landis

I thank you all for taking my case working with me for over 3 years Jason did an awesome job so did his associates You always kept me in the loop of what was going on I would have to say you guys are as good as what you guys do and you do it with your best ability and what you have to work with greatly appreciated God bless all

LBJ 13

I had an easy experience. I could call Jayson anytime or he would call me right away. He kept me up to date with any and all information, in a timely manner. My settlement went smoothly. I would definitely refer my family and friends to Jay Trucks.

Joann Davis

Having Jtrucks on my case. Gave me confidence that they would handle it without me having to worry about it. Their staff answered my question and call me, back when needed. I would recommend they to others.

Chester Butler

I wont give the details of my case, but Todd handled everything with the upmost professionalism. He never left me wondering what was going on, and was always up front and honest with me. I knew i was in great hands. I very highly recomend Jay Trucks & Associates!

Alan Vander Velpen

Jay trucks is straight forward knows what to do the first time. 100% satisfaction on the way they handled my case.

Kurt Arthur

Jayson did an amazing job on my case, he made sure I was kept up to date on all of the proceedings and what I needed to do next. I would highly recommend Jay trucks for your case.

Sgt mix

I am so thankful for Jay Trucks. Jayson was very knowledgeable and walked me through every aspect of my case. He was understanding and encouraging. I highly recommend Jay Trucks and associates.

sophia wallace

I had a very good experience with Todd Trucks and his staff. Everyone was caring and very respectful of my matter. Questions were answered very promptly. I was always treated with respect. I was always told of the next step in the process of the case.

john kozero

Jason was PHENOMENAL! I am so very thankful that the Lord lead me to Jason. He was pleasant but powerful, and displayed professionalism at all times. I have to say that we had a few challenges, personality clashes however, they were resolved with a phone call from Jason and a willingness on both sides to compromise. i highly recommend Jay Trucks & Associates.

Marylee Morton

Wonderful people with top quality representation. I am truly blessed to have found this firm. I cannot express enough how much of a difference they have made my life. Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and my family.

Tim Hastings

The professionalism, customer service, hard work, and geniune caring for thier clients were like no other. Thank you Jay Trucks and Associates for the outstanding experience!!

Debbie Beach

I’m very pleased with your service and have recommended at least three people to your firm.

Micheal lynch

This has been a long Journey for myself and my lawyer Jason Chizick. He is a lawyer you can trust to get the job done. My experience have helped me to have patience and keep a positive outlook. I will recommend Jason and or Jay trucks and Associates to work on your Workman Comp case or any case you may have. Big victory today thank you Jason.

Delana Smith

I have never been involved in this kind of situation, Jason figured me out right away, knew i had no experience in this kind of a thing. He proceeded to keep me informed, answer questions tell me the actual truth(unusual these days) and has not closed the door on me even as the case is now closed. Thank You, Jason, J Trucks & Associates

Richard Gabowski

The attorney on my case, Jayson Chizick, was very knowledgeable and no nonsense. He prepared me up for what I could expect from Michigan's Workers Comp and helped me through the process, which at times is grossly unfair and frustrating. He kept me on track and got a decent settlement for me. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who needs a workers comp attorney, which is pretty much anyone injured while doing their job. I do not recommend trusting employers to do what is right, fair or legal without an expert like Jayson Chizick looking out for you.

Bryan Jones

They worked hard and got me more than I was expecting. Thanks guys.

Rachael Mcgimpsey

Had a painful shoulder injury on my right side from previous employer, workmen comp refused to finish my treatment and test work I needed so i consulted with Jtrucks &Associates to see if i had a case against them. Todd personally too on my case and helped me with my tough time and gained me a great settlement amount I was happy to receive. I'm thankful to him and his great team. I also want to thank Melanie for her support and help with anything i needed. Thank you all.

Kelly Lombard

I had a very excellent experience with Jay and the office staff. They were on every aspect of my case. I feel very blessed to have had a caring and compassionate group helping obtain a settlement in my case. I highly recommend Jay Trucks &Associates.

Lisa Reed

I had a painful shoulder injury from my previous employer and workman compensation wouldn't help finish my treatment, so i consulted with Jtrucks & Associates and Todd took on my case and helped me through my tough time. Todd did help with getting me a far beyond settlement I figured i would get so i am very much appreciate of the settlement him and his team did for me. Thank you, great work Jtrucks & Associates. Would recommend him to friends and family

Kelly Lombard

Was Injured in 2017,they are spectacular at making you comfortable, They keep regular contact, to keep you informed of any new details regarding your case?They let you know about any documents, or any information from your physician's they may need to help your case be resolved?They helped me apply for Social security benefits that I'm receiving every month now .

James Martin

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