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Caring, professional, up to date on laws and changes and never make you feel like you are a bother. Josh and Todd fought for me when I almost gave up! Their office staff is out standing and reply back immediately. I would recommend Jay Truck's & Associates to everyone! I'm from the U.P. and noone wanted my case here. Cathy Grenier, Oct 15, 2021
Fair and Honest Knowledgeable and helpful. Daniel Anklam, Sep 14, 2021
So nice and helpful! Red Vette, Sep 13, 2021
Great lawyers for accident and personal injury, will definitely use them again if needed, and I highly recommend them Joseph Fillingham, Sep 10, 2021
I’m very proud to say that Jayson has taken care of my case in the most professional way, he’s very honest and gets the job done. I’ve never had any issues. Would highly recommend. Esperanza Corena, Aug 31, 2021
Where do I even start? Let me put it this way, Jayson is the guy you go to for brutal honesty. He was the only lawyer I contacted that was like “ we can do this”. When I was lost and knew the company I worked for screwed me over, I had no idea what to do. But Jayson helped me through it all. I couldn’t of asked for a better company/person to represent me. Because of him, I won my lawsuit. I will forever be grateful for the help and support of Jay trucks and Associates. Grateful for them taking a chance on me and reminding me I am not alone. The fight they fought for me will never be forgotten. If you happen to be reading this and you have got screwed over by a company, employer, workmans comp,etc and wanna know if going with Jay trucks and associates is the right choice for you, I SAY YES. You won’t regret it! Thanks again, Jayson. Kimberley Stevens, Aug 26, 2021
For two years I felt defeated by workman's comp. The beast tried everything she could to bring me down. Todd Trucks was the only hope I had for any kind of help. Him and Michelle were there to answer any question I had or just to listen to me vent out of frustration. He did an amazing job winning my case for me 😊 Thank you so much! I truly appreciate everything you've done.. Melissa Andreake, Aug 18, 2021
Excellent service, very professional. Would recommend them for anything. Josh Parris, Aug 17, 2021
Even during these trying times Todd and his team got the job done. They answered any questions I had immediately and let me know everything that was going on with my case. V P (Anonymous), Aug 11, 2021
I only looked for information for a friend. Found out that this group of Attorneys are a Great team. Robert Martis, Jul 23, 2021
Will recommend this firm to anyone my lawyer Jaycen was absolutely the best and amazing. Thank you so much. Lisa Martinez, Jul 19, 2021
My personal experience was more exceptional than words can say. I was treated with respect and and never was left in the dark. My attorney Jayson was always honest and to the point.He was able to get me 35% more than what was originally offered to me.It gives you hope when hard work and the truth in the end is restored to Justice. Thank you Jay Trucks and Associates.I would recommend them in a heartbeat! Gina Gilliam, Jul 08, 2021

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