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When you or someone you care about sustains a serious personal injury in Clare, Michigan, the impact on your well-being and family can be immense. The pain, emotional distress, lost wages, medical expenses, and other financial stress you experience can be overwhelming and negatively affect your life in many ways. If someone else’s wrongful actions injured you or a close family member in Clare, hiring a reputable law firm to help recover compensation can be a positive step for you and your family.

The attorneys at Jay Trucks & Associates are here for you during this difficult and uncertain time. We have decades of combined experience in Michigan personal injury law, and we promise to fight hard to help you get the full and fair compensation you deserve so you can focus on your physical recovery.

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Why Choose Jay Trucks & Associates as Your Clare, Michigan, Personal Injury Attorneys
Types of Clare Personal Injury Cases We Handle
Our Clare Office Location and Headquarters
Clare County Accident Statistics
Common Personal Injuries People Suffer in Clare, MI
What Should I Do After Suffering a Personal Injury in Clare, MI?
Am I Eligible To File a Personal Injury Case in Clare?
How Much Can I Get For My Clare Personal Injury Case?
What If I Share Some Blame for My Clare Personal Injuries?
Time Limits for Filing Personal Injury Cases in Clare
Reasons to Seek Legal Help From a Clare Personal Injury Lawyer
Common Tactics Used By Insurance Adjusters
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Why Choose Jay Trucks & Associates as Your Clare, Michigan, Personal Injury Attorneys

At Jay Trucks & Associates, we have recovered more than $500 million in compensation on behalf of our clients – including a $2,000,000 recovery for an accident victim who lost an eye and suffered a traumatic brain injury and a $1,000,000 recovery for a case involving a 17-year-old and her unborn child.

Our firm’s founder Jay Trucks and President Todd Trucks are both licensed Michigan attorneys and members of the prestigious Michigan Association for Justice, an organization advocating for Michigan residents’ rights.

Hire a Clare Personal Injury Lawyer today.

They worked hard and got me more than I was expecting. Thanks guys.
– Rachael Mcgimpsey

Contact us for a free consultation with a Clare, MI personal injury attorney today. We are prepared to answer any questions about the legal process and help you fight for fair compensation. By taking advantage of our free, initial consultation, you can learn more about our services with no risk or obligation. If you have a case and decide to work with us, we won’t charge any upfront fees, and we will only receive a fee if we help you recover compensation or win your case.

You’ve already suffered more than necessary due to someone else’s negligence. Contact Jay Trucks & Associates for help getting the maximum financial recovery you need.

Types of Clare Personal Injury Cases We Handle

The attorneys at Jay Trucks & Associates handle a variety of personal injury claims in Clare, including:

If you were injured or lost a loved one in any of these situations, we may be able to help you pursue compensation. Even if you don’t see your type of accident or personal injury listed above, you can still contact us for a free review of your case to determine if you qualify for compensation. Michigan law allows those injured because of someone else’s to recover compensation for their damages and losses, and we can evaluate your claim at no cost and answer any questions you may have.

Our Clare Office Location and Headquarters

Jay Trucks & Associates has our law firm’s headquarters located at 600 Pine St, Clare, MI 48617.

You can drop by our office to speak with an attorney at no cost, or you can contact us to schedule an appointment to come by and speak with us.

Clare County Accident Statistics

According to the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP), Clare County reported the following accident statistics for a recent year:

  • 991 total vehicle crashes
  • 120 injury accidents that injured 159 people
  • 2 fatal accidents, resulting in 2 fatalities

Historically, most vehicle crashes occur during the week, particularly between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. On average, alcohol-involved crashes account for nearly 3% of all traffic accidents in Clare County.

Common Personal Injuries People Suffer in Clare, MI

People can sustain a variety of personal injuries in Clare accidents. Some of the common types of injuries we help people recover compensation for at Jay Trucks & Associates include:

Whiplash and neck injuries: Whiplash and other serious neck injuries occur when the head is suddenly and violently jerked back and forth. It is most common in rear-end auto collisions, but can also occur in other types of accidents. Symptoms of whiplash can include neck pain, stiffness, headache, dizziness, and difficulty concentrating.

Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries: Head injuries can range from mild concussions to severe brain damage. They can be caused by impact with the ground, another object, or the interior of a vehicle. Symptoms of head injuries can include headache, dizziness, confusion, nausea, vomiting, and loss of consciousness.

Spinal cord injuries: Spinal cord injuries can occur when the spinal cord is damaged, usually by a sudden blow to the back. They can cause paralysis, numbness, and weakness in the arms and legs.

Broken bones: Broken bones are another common injury in accidents. The most commonly broken bones are the bones in the arms, legs, and feet.

Internal injuries: Internal injuries can occur when the organs inside the body are damaged. They can be caused by impact on the steering wheel, dashboard, or other objects in the vehicle. Symptoms of internal injuries can include pain, bleeding, and bruising.

Soft tissue injuries: Soft tissue injuries are injuries to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. They are the most common type of injury in accidents and can cause pain, swelling, and bruising.

Cuts and bruises: Cuts and bruises are also common in accidents. They can be caused by impact with objects or by broken glass. Accident victims can sustain deep, penetrating cuts or extensive bruising that requires substantial medical treatment.

What Should I Do After Suffering a Personal Injury in Clare, MI?

There are many steps you can take to help your attorney begin building a case. The first thing victims should focus on is treating their injuries. Get to the hospital right away so your injuries can be diagnosed, and proper treatment can be provided. If you wait to seek treatment, it could give the insurance company a reason to dispute your claim.

While at the scene of the accident, try to collect evidence, if it is safe to do so and you will not be putting yourself in harm’s way. If someone else is with you, you could ask them to help you. For example, if you have a smartphone, take pictures of your injuries and the scene. Talk to witnesses and get their contact information so your attorney can contact them later.

You should also file an accident report with the proper authorities or the property manager. This serves as an official record of the accident and helps link your injury to the accident.

Make sure to continue your treatment as requested by your doctor. If you do not go to appointments, restrict your activities, or do other things your doctor instructs you to do, you could hurt the value of your claim.

Am I Eligible To File a Personal Injury Case in Clare?

Just because you sustained injuries in an accident does not mean you automatically qualify for compensation. Our lawyers are prepared to review your circumstances to see whether you are eligible to take legal action.

Proving Negligence

In most situations, our attorneys must prove negligence to have a chance of recovering compensation for damages. We must establish four things to show the other party acted in a careless way: duty, breach, causation, and damages.

Element #1: Duty Owed

The other party must have owed you a duty of care. In some situations, the relationship that exists between both parties can create a legal duty. Doctors owe patients a legal duty to provide competent medical care as other similarly trained doctors would provide. Property owners owe visitors a legal duty to provide and maintain a safe and hazard-free environment. Drivers are expected to operate their vehicles safely. The duty of care depends on the situation.

Element #2: Breach of Duty

The other party must have breached the duty by failing to act like a reasonable person would in a similar situation. If the average person would have known that someone might be injured as the result of his or her actions, he or she would have acted differently.

Element #3: Causation

The other party’s negligence must have caused your injury – without the breach of duty of care, you would have been unharmed. To recover compensation, you must prove the other party should have reasonably foreseen that his or her actions might cause harm.

Element #4: Damages

The injuries you sustained must have caused you to suffer damages. These damages are usually compensatory for expenses related to medical care, loss of income or property damage. You may also be eligible for compensation for things like pain and suffering.

How Much Can I Get For My Clare Personal Injury Case?

A Clare personal injury lawyer needs to determine the extent of your injuries, review your medical care, and estimate your recovery time.

Generally, some damages that may be recoverable in a personal injury case include:

  • Medical treatment – This could include the cost of medical care associated with the accident and reimbursement for treatment you have received, along with the estimated cost of future care.
  • Loss of income – The accident may have resulted in lost wages from missing work for medical care or because you were physically unable to work. If the injury affects your future earning capacity, you may also be able to recover compensation to make up for that loss.
  • Property damage – If any vehicles, electronics, clothing, or other items were damaged due to the accident, you may be able to get reimbursed for repairs or fair market value.
  • Pain and suffering – This could include compensation for the physical pain and serious discomfort you have experienced during and since the accident.
  • Emotional distress – These damages are meant to compensate you for the psychological impact of an injury, including anxiety, depression, fear, sleep loss, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Loss of enjoyment – If your injury prevents you from enjoying daily activities such as hobbies, exercise, or other recreational fun, you may be eligible to recover compensation for loss of enjoyment.
  • Loss of consortium – These damages refer to the impact your injuries have had on your relationship with a spouse or partner. This includes loss of companionship, love, affection, and emotional support.
  • Exemplary damages – These are awarded in cases where an at-fault party engaged in willful or wanton conduct that showed a complete disregard for your rights. Unlike punitive damages in other states, these damages are connected to specific losses suffered by the victim, such as mental anguish, humiliation, or outrage.

What If I Share Some Blame for My Clare Personal Injuries?

You may still be eligible to recover damages even if you are partially at fault for the accident that caused your injuries. That is because Michigan adheres to a comparative negligence standard. The amount of damages awarded will be reduced according to your degree of fault if it is less than 50 percent.

If the jury awards you $120,000 after a car accident but you are found to be 40 percent to blame for what happened, the award amount would decrease by 40 percent or 48,000. That means you would get $72,000.

However, if you are 50 percent or more at fault, you will be barred from obtaining any recovery.

Our experienced Clare personal injury attorneys are well-versed in negligence laws and how these laws may apply to your situation. We welcome the opportunity to review your claim in a free and confidential consultation.

Time Limits for Filing Personal Injury Cases in Clare

Personal injury cases in Michigan follow a statute of limitations, which sets a specific time limit for taking legal action. Missing the deadline will normally result in the court dismissing the case unless there is an exception that extends the filing deadline.

The standard time limit is three years from the date of the injury or death. This includes motor vehicle collisions (cars, trucks, and motorcycles), boat accidents, dog bites, brain injuries, and nursing home abuse. The three-year deadline also applies to injuries caused by a dangerous or defective product (product liability claims) or if an accident results in the unexpected death of a loved one (wrongful death claims).

The deadline is even shorter – just two years – if harmed by a negligent doctor or other medical professional due to a misdiagnosis, birth injury, medication error, surgical or anesthesia mistake, or another form of medical malpractice. However, there are various exceptions to this deadline.

There are also different deadlines if a government employee or entity is involved, the injury victim was legally insane at the time of the accident, or the injury victim is a minor under the age of 18.

Contact a knowledgeable Central Michigan personal injury attorney from our firm to see if your time to file has passed or if you qualify for an extended deadline.

Reasons to Seek Legal Help From a Clare Personal Injury Lawyer

Many people think that hiring a personal injury lawyer will result in excessive legal fees and having to go to court. Although there are no guarantees, most cases settle outside of the courtroom, saving unwanted stress and expense at trial.

At Jay Trucks & Associates, our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, so there are no upfront fees for our services. You only pay if and when you obtain compensation via a settlement or verdict.

If you have a case and we represent you, we are prepared to handle the following:

  • Conduct a detailed investigation of the accident and reconstruct the scene
  • Gather evidence and collect witness statements to help prove negligence
  • Hire medical experts to attest to the extent and severity of injuries sustained
  • Respond and deal with insurance companies and other parties involved
  • Advise on how to proceed during each phase of the legal process
  • Negotiate for fair compensation for the damages you have suffered

Talk to a member of our legal team today at (800) 762-8623.

Common Tactics Used By Insurance Adjusters

After an accident, you should expect to be contacted by an insurance adjuster who will ask questions about what happened. He or she will want to know your version of events in order to find a way to discredit you or blame you for it.

Common tactics our legal team has seen insurance adjusters use include:

Offering a Quick Settlement

Insurance adjusters know how desperate accident victims can be when hospital bills start to pile up and they are losing income because their injury prevents them from going to work. Insurance adjusters like to offer a quick settlement and they may tell you it will help you move on with your life. However, these settlement offers are often worth far less than the full value of a claim.

Asking for a Recorded Statement

While on the phone with an insurance adjuster, he or she may ask you to give a recorded statement about what happened and make it sound like it is standard practice. However, you are under no legal obligation to do so.

These statements are only beneficial to the insurance company because they will ask for specific information or ask particular questions in an effort to challenge your credibility. It is in your best interest to consult with a lawyer to determine if you should give a statement.

Asking You to Sign a Medical Authorization Form

An insurance adjuster may send you a number of documents to sign, including a medical record release form, allowing them access to current medical records related to your injury and older, unrelated medical records that could be used against you. They are looking for evidence of a pre-existing injury or medical condition they can use as a reason to deny or devalue your claim.

Consult with our Clare Personal Injury Lawyers Today

With more than a century of combined experience, our legal team at Jay Trucks & Associates has been advocating for the rights of injury victims throughout Clare County and across the entire state of Michigan for more than 30 years. We have successfully represented thousands of clients and collected millions in recoveries on their behalf.

Contact a Clare personal injury lawyer for help with your claim. Our consultations are 100 percent free and come with no obligation to move forward. We do not charge upfront legal fees unless you obtain a recovery.

Our office in Clare is just a few blocks from Clare City Hall at 202 W 5th Street.

No Upfront Fees. Ph: (800) 762-8623.

Client Reviews

“I would like to thank my amazing lawyer, Jayson, for the outstanding job he did for me settling my workman’s comp case. He is very knowledgeable and patient, he took the time to answer all my questions and kept me very well-informed throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Jay Trucks & Associates.” – Jazzy R.

“I want to thank you Mr Trucks you have taken care of my family for years. You’re an awesome attorney, sir. It’s obvious that the clients are first and foremost. I would recommend you to anyone!!! THANK YOU SIR!” – Mike B.

Read more client testimonials here.

Additional Resources

Clare County Emergency Rooms

Several emergency rooms and urgent care centers serve the Clare area. A few include:

  • Clare Emergency Department: 703 N McEwan St, Clare, MI 48617
  • MyMichigan Medical Center Clare: 703 N McEwan St, Clare, MI 48617
  • Urgent Care and Occupational Health – MyMichigan Urgent Care Clare: 602 Beech St Suite 1100, Clare, MI 48617

Be sure to get immediate medical attention for any personal injuries you suffer because of someone else’s negligence in Clare. As soon as you’re able, contact Jay Trucks & Associates for advice and guidance on obtaining compensation.

*Disclaimer – Jay Trucks & Associates does not endorse these medical providers, nor do we profit from having them listed on our website.

Clare County Courthouses

  • Clare County District Court: 225 W Main St, Harrison, MI 48625