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People pay for insurance to ensure they are protected in case a serious injury or property damage occurs. However, as insurance companies are working for shareholders, they often try to find ways to lower the value of your claim, delay payments or deny it altogether. If you are having problems recovering compensation from your insurance company, consider contacting an experienced Flint insurance claims lawyer.

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Jay Trucks and Associates has successfully recovered over $500 million in compensation on behalf of our clients. Our goal is to get you the maximum compensation so you have the funds you may need to cover your damages. We have a dedicated team of attorneys with over 150-plus years of legal experience.

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How Do I Know if I Have a Valid Case?

Recovering from a serious personal injury or dealing with property damage is difficult enough without fighting with your insurance company over a claim. If your claim was denied, delayed, or you were offered far less than your claim may be worth, our attorneys may be able to assist you.

To determine whether we may be able to help, we need to consider various factors, which may include:

  • The reason your claim was delayed or denied
  • Why you were offered far less compensation than the value of your damages
  • Whether the insurance adjuster properly investigated the details of your claim
  • Whether the insurance company wrongfully withheld information regarding your policy

During your free case evaluation, our legal team may be able to determine if the insurance company is not fulfilling its responsibility to you as a policyholder.

Insurance Claims Disputes We Handle

Disputes arise with many types of insurance claims, including:

Auto Insurance Claims – This type of insurance is used to cover the costs associated with some damages sustained after a car accident. Vehicle owners are required to carry the state-minimum liability coverage. Many of these claims are denied, delayed or devalued. Insurers may claim you are at fault for your accident, or you have a preexisting condition and were not injured in the accident.

Health Insurance Claims – Policyholders often have trouble obtaining coverage for a severe injury or illness or even a test to help doctors diagnose an illness. It is important to know the details of your policy because coverage varies between policies and insurance providers. Insurance companies give a variety of reasons for rejecting claims, such as nonpayment of the premium or claiming a test or surgery is experimental and not covered under the terms of the policy.

Disability Insurance Claims – These insurance claims are filed to assist with medical costs and lost wages caused by a temporary or permanent disability that prevents victims from performing their normal job functions. Victims usually receive a percentage of their income before they became injured. Policyholders may also be able to obtain compensation for home modifications needed because of the disability.

Long-Term Care Insurance Claims – These policies cover chronic medical issues that are often not covered by standard health insurance, such as permanent disabilities or degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s. This insurance can also be used to cover daily care at a long-term care facility. People who have difficulty performing simple tasks, such as eating, dressing, bathing and managing their finances often use this insurance.

Life Insurance Claims – This type of insurance provides a lump sum payment for surviving family members after the policyholder’s death. Funeral and burial costs are usually covered along with loss of income, if the deceased person was still working to support the family. These policies have a lot of fine print that insurance companies may cite as reasons for not providing coverage. For example, some insurers may deny or devalue the claim if the death was caused by something known to be dangerous, such as smoking.

Homeowners/Renters Insurance Claims – Homeowner’s claims are usually filed when there is structural damage to the home or any personal belongings such as electronics, furniture or clothing are damaged. Renter’s insurance usually only covers personal property in the rented property. This type of coverage can be essential to recover losses from a burglary as well.

Natural Disaster Insurance Claims – This insurance is designed to cover the costs of any damages that may have resulted from natural disasters, such as windstorms, tornadoes and earthquakes. However, it is imperative that you check the details of your policy to learn what may or may not be included. For example, some policies do not cover flood damage because you may have to purchase it separately, especially if you live in a flood zone.

No matter the type of insurance coverage you may have, insurers should honor the details of your policy and process claims in a timely manner. If you are having trouble recovering funds from any of these types of claims, contact a Flint insurance claims attorney from Jay Trucks and Associates. You will not be billed for any of our services unless we help get the compensation you may deserve.

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Common Reasons Why Insurance Claims Get Rejected

Insurance companies are constantly looking for any reason to deny a claim or pay out less than fair compensation. Some of the most common reasons insurance companies often cite for a denial or other problem with your claim include:

  • You did not make your payment on time
  • You did not notify the insurance company on time
  • You did not seek immediate medical attention
  • You have a pre-existing condition
  • There is a dispute as to who or what caused your injury
  • The activity that caused your injury is not covered in the policy
  • You have already been compensated up to policy limits

Sometimes these are legitimate reasons for a denial or devaluation of a claim, but often they are not. The insurance company is just trying to save itself some money by avoiding making a huge payout on a claim.

Bad Faith Tactics

The policyholder and the insurer are both required to act in good faith whenever an insurance claim is filed. Insurers must provide a valid reason for delaying or denying a claim and policyholders should have a legitimate reason for filing the claim. Both sides should handle their responsibilities under the terms of the policy in good faith.

Our Flint insurance claims lawyers have in-depth knowledge of Michigan insurance regulations and federal laws as well, such as the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act, which is designed to protect policyholders from unfair insurance practices.

Some bad faith tactics known to occur in the industry include:

  • Delaying payments
  • Devaluing damages in a claim
  • Delaying investigation of a claim
  • Denying compensation without a reasonable investigation
  • Using improper investigation methods
  • False interpretation of an insurance policy
  • Not denying a claim or making a decision on a claim within a reasonable time period

If you have been a victim of any of these tactics, you may be eligible to file a claim against the insurance company.

Disputes with Insurance Companies in Michigan

Michigan’s Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) handles insurance disputes. This department works to determine if an insurance company followed the law in processing your claim.

Policyholders can file written complaints against insurance companies. These complaints need to include:

  • Name of insurer
  • Name of insurance agent
  • Policy number
  • Claim number
  • Details on conversations and contacts with the insurance company about your claim
  • Documentation that supports your position

A licensed attorney can help you gather the documents you may need to build a strong complaint. DIFS gives insurance companies a certain amount of time to respond to complaints. Once an insurer responds, DIFS will decide what to do and explain your options.

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