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Clare Insurance Claims Attorneys

When an insurance policy is purchased, policy holders expect the policy to be honored in the event of an injury or property damage. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Insurance companies will do everything possible to devalue or deny claims, sometimes without a legitimate reason. When this happens, you need an experienced insurance claims attorney by your side to fight for your rights and help you obtain the insurance benefits you are eligible to receive.

Jay Trucks & Associates has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. President and Attorney Todd Trucks has over three decades of legal experience representing victims who have had insurance claims delayed, devalued or denied. He is also a member of the Michigan Association for Justice.

Reach out to our Clare insurance claims attorneys for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about the possible legal options available to you. We are prepared to answer all of your questions and represent you throughout the claims process, should you have a case. We offer our services on contingency, so  you owe us nothing upfront and no fees unless we are successful in helping you obtain compensation.

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How Do I Know If I Have a Case?

Being involved in an accident that causes an injury or damage to property is often a traumatic experience. However, if you file a claim and your insurance provider pays you far less than your damages are valued at or denies your claim altogether, it can make the situation worse. You may be wondering if you are eligible to pursue a claim against your insurer for acting in bad faith.

Every situation is different. To determine if you may have a case, our legal team needs to get a better understanding of what happened in a free consultation. Several factors will be considered, such as:

  • Your insurer’s reason for denying your claim
  • Whether the insurance company wrongfully delayed payment
  • Why you were offered a settlement that was significantly less than the value of your claim
  • Whether your provider conducted a reasonable claims investigation
  • If the insurance company failed to disclose certain policy information

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Types of Insurance Claims Disputes

At Jay Trucks & Associates, we are committed to helping clients settle many different types of insurance claims disputes, including but not limited to:

Car Insurance Claims

Car insurance offers financial protection in the event of an accident. Anyone who owns or drives a vehicle must carry state-minimum liability coverage. This includes bodily injury coverage per person/per accident. If you file a first party claim after a crash, you expect the insurer to cover your costs, up to the policy limits. However, many insurers may reject or delay payment of claims or tell you that the loss is not covered under the scope of your policy.

Homeowners/Renters Insurance Claims

Homeowners/renter insurance policies provide varying levels of coverage and compensation for property damage to your belongings, such as furniture, clothing and electronics, as well as the structure of the home itself. After a break-in, you expect the insurer to pay full value on your claim. Unfortunately, there may be certain limits or exclusions specified in your policy, so it is important to understand what your policy will and will not cover.

Natural Disaster Insurance Claims

This insurance helps protect Michigan residents from damages caused by natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornadoes, and windstorms. It provides compensation for damages as a result of these events. However, it is important to review your policy to make sure that it covers what you need. For example, if you live in a flood zone, it is important to make sure your policy includes that coverage. Flood insurance may often be separate. Claims disputes with insurers often happen with concern to policy limits and exclusions.

Disability Insurance Claims

Disability insurance helps pay a percentage of your income and covers reasonable and necessary medical expenses when you can no longer work due to a temporary or permanent disability. It can cover paid sick leave, as well as short and long-term disability benefits. This coverage could also help pay for physical therapy not covered by health insurance, including some or most costs to modify a home to accommodate a disability.

Health Insurance Claims

Health insurance helps provide financial protection in the event of a severe accident or illness. Benefits vary, based on your provider and the coverage you selected, but could include emergency services, hospitalization, surgery, medications and imaging tests. Sadly, policyholders often struggle to cover their medical bills as insurers reject claims for one reason or another. For example, a provider may deny coverage for a medical procedure they classify as experimental or elective.

Life Insurance Claims

Life insurance helps pay a lump sum benefit to your beneficiaries after your death. This coverage provides for funeral and burial expenses, loss of income you would have earned if still alive, daily living costs and other similar expenses to provide for your surviving family members. It is vital to review and understand the fine print in these policies since insurers have many vague exclusions to try to reduce their payout on claims. For instance, if you are an outdoor adventure-seeker, you may want to know whether there are any exclusions for deaths caused by dangerous activities, like bungee jumping.

Long-Term Care Insurance Claims

Long-term care provides for care of chronic medical conditions that may not be covered under regular health insurance, such as costs associated with a permanent disorder, like Alzheimer’s. Long-term care services also provides daily assistance within a nursing home or assisted living facility to those who are unable to perform daily tasks, such as bathing, dressing, eating, taking medication and managing money.

Regardless of the claim, insurance companies have an obligation to act in good faith. If you are having issues obtaining compensation from an insurer, contact a qualified Clare insurance claims lawyer from our firm to schedule a free consultation. There is no risk in calling us and no obligation to move forward.

Why Insurance Claims Are Often Denied

Insurance claims are often denied for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember that insurance companies are for profit businesses, and as such, their primary goal is to reduce the amount of money paid on a claim whenever possible. Their best interests will always come first, so they may interpret or manipulate the language in a policy to support delay of a payment, devalue a claim or deny a valid claim altogether. An insurer may allege the following:

  • The policy excludes or does not cover your specific injury or property damage
  • Your specific injury or property damage falls below the policy’s deductible
  • The policy has lapsed because premiums were not paid on time or at all
  • Your specific injury or property damage falls outside the policy’s coverage
  • You have already exhausted your coverage limits
  • You have a pre-existing injury or chronic medical condition
  • You failed to notify the insurance company prior to the deadline

If this has happened to you, we encourage you to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Our qualified Clare insurance claim lawyers know how insurers operate and are prepared to communicate and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

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Advantages of Hiring an Insurance Claims Lawyer

Dealing with a devalued or denied claim can be difficult and overwhelming, especially when you expect the insurer to cover your personal injury or property damage. By hiring a licensed lawyer who handles insurance claims disputes, you will have a strong advocate by your side to protect your rights. He or she would be able to investigate your claim thoroughly and help you pursue legal action for your losses.

Our insurance claims lawyers in Clare are knowledgeable, resourceful and well-versed in insurance policies. We know how to determine if an insurer is being deceptive or intentionally using certain wording to keep policyholders from understanding what is actually included in their coverage.

We also have in-depth knowledge of federal and state insurance laws. This includes the Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act, which protects policyholders from unjust behavior by insurance companies when settling claims. Under Michigan law, certain unfair and deceptive practices committed by an insurer with regards to claims are also protected, such as:

  • Misrepresenting facts or policy provisions
  • Failing to acknowledge or act reasonably or promptly with communications
  • Failing to promptly initiate an investigation of your claim
  • Refusing payment before fully investigating your claim
  • Failing to deny or approve a claim within a reasonable time
  • Attempting to settle a claim for less than it is worth
  • Failing to promptly settle when liability is reasonably clear

Should you have a case and we represent you, our legal team is prepared to determine if your insurance claim was denied due to bad faith, meaning the insurer acted with intent to defraud or deceive. Allow us the opportunity to explain how the law may apply to your particular circumstances in a free legal consultation.

Resolving Insurance Disputes in Michigan

Insurance disputes in Michigan must be directed to the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS). The DIFS will determine whether your insurance company has properly followed state insurance law and your policy language in their processing of your claim.

You must file a written complaint with the name of the insurer and/or insurance agent involved in the dispute, include policy and claim numbers, any previous contact details with the insurer or agent regarding your claim as well as copies of documents that supports your dispute.

A reputable Clare insurance claims lawyer is ready to help you gather the necessary documents from the insurance company, such as a list of specific rules or language in the policy that allows them to deny or exclude coverage as well as copies of documents you signed when you first purchased the policy.

Once the dispute has been filed, the DIFS will give the insurance company a certain amount of time to respond and provide all the necessary forms required, such as proof of loss. The DIFS will then respond with their findings and help you to understand your options.

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