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Van Driver Killed in Accident With Semi Truck Operator

A woman was recently killed and two children were injured after an accident involving a minivan and semi-truck that occurred in Van Buren County’s Hartford Township. Michigan law enforcement reported that on arrival, they discovered that the woman was driving the minivan. The two children in the minivan were subsequently taken to a nearby medical facility where the extent of the resulting injuries are unknown. Investigations later reported that the minivan operator failed to stop at the stop sign and consequently collided with the semi-truck’s fuel tank. As a result of the collision, fuel was spilled onto the road and crews used sand to clean up the scene. The truck’s driver was not injured in the accident.

Fuel tanks are used in both residential and industrial businesses to store gas of a variety of types. The highly combustible and flammable nature of this gas requires it to be properly stored.  Automobile fuel tanks including those connected to large trucks that have the potential to haul a significant amount of fuel have the tendency to result in serious accidents that can forever change the lives of those involved with serious injuries or fatalities. If you are involved in an accident involving a truck that was carrying gas, it is often important to contact an attorney.

How Gas Spills Occur

The spills that result from trucks that are carrying gas can be particularly deadly because that gasoline can ignite, resulting in explosions and fires. Some of the ways in which gas spills occur include the following:

  • Failing to properly secure cargo, which can result in the fuel moving around during trips. When sudden shifts occur, the disruption in weight could result in the vehicle’s trailer being thrown off balance and the driver losing control.
  • Overloading a truck and violating the restrictions established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can cause accidents. Trucks with too much weight frequently experience difficulty slowing down or stopping.
  • If gasoline is not sufficiently filled in a vehicle’s tank, the liquid can move back and forth inside the tanker’s trailer. As a result, a truck can jackknife, sway, or a driver can even lose control of the vehicle, which can cause serious accidents.

Injuries Produced by Fuel Spills

In addition to fatalities, broken bones, whiplash, and the many injuries that can result from all types of car accidents, when truck accidents occur involving fuel spills, there is a substantial risk of serious burns. Treatment of burns is often very painful and can last for a long time, causing accident victims to face a lifetime of painful recovery.

If you are harmed in a truck accident involving a gasoline spill, it is important to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable truck accident attorney like the legal counsel at Jay Trucks & Associates. Our personal injury attorneys based in Clare, MI are committed to helping truck accident victims obtain the maximum compensation that they deserve. Contact us today for help.