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Michigan Wrong-Way Accidents

A man in Newport, Michigan was killed after a wrong-way collision with another motor vehicle traveling on Interstate 280. One man was driving south in the northbound lane of I-280 after he started traveling the wrong direction on the road and was struck head-on by another vehicle. After the collision, both motor vehicles came to rest in the median of the road. The exact cause of the collision is still under investigation, but law enforcement has already stated that alcohol appears to have been a factor in causing the accident. The driver who was killed in the accident was also not wearing his seatbelt.

The Federal Highway Administration reports that wrong way accidents have been a significant problem for motor vehicle operators since the highway system was introduced in the late 1950s with current statistics revealing that approximately 360 people die each year in accidents involving wrong-way drivers.

Common Causes of Wrong-Way Accidents

There are a variety of reasons why motor vehicle operators become involved in accidents. Some of the most common causes of wrong-way accidents include the following:

  • Drivers over the age of 70 comprise nearly 15% of all wrong way accidents. There are many different reasons why a senior citizen driver can end up in a wrong way collision including that the driver might have difficulty reading signage.
  • Distracted Drivers. Using a cell phone and other distracted driving methods have been linked to many wrong-way accidents. Drivers who are distracted by conditions besides the road are much less likely to pay adequate attention to surroundings and warning signs.
  • Drivers Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs. There are a number of wrong-way accidents that occur each year due to motor vehicle operators who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Frequently, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs are less likely to notice signs.
  • Inadequately Marked Road Signs. Drivers are not always responsible for causing wrong way accidents. In some situations, there are improper signs to notify a driver about which streets are intended for only one driver.
  • Limited Visibility. Over 75% of wrong-way collisions occur at night when visibility is limited. Due to limited visibility, motor vehicle operators frequently experience difficulty in determining where a driver is not allowed.
  • Unfamiliarity with Conditions. Some wrong way accidents occur because a motor vehicle operator has never been to an area and is unaware of the surroundings. Each year, many accidents occur because a motor vehicle operator is unaware that he or she is driving in the wrong direction.

Contact a Skilled Michigan Attorney

It is important for individuals who are injured in wrong-way collisions to remember that in many situations there is a right to compensation. The skilled car accident attorneys at Jay Trucks and Associates, PLC provide individuals who are harmed in a wrong way accident make sure that their case resolves in the best possible manner. Contact our firm today for assistance with your case.