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Michigan Skydiving Accident Lawyer

The Grand Haven Department of Public Safety reports that a man recently died in a skydiving accident. The parachutist is reported to have been completing a skydive when his parachute made contact with another skydiver who was also in the air. Witnesses have commented that the victim’s parachute collapsed approximately 50 feet from the ground. The catastrophe resulted in all skydiving at the airport being temporarily suspended.

Assumption of the Risk

Many companies that offer skydiving facilities require companies to sign liability releases before jumping. If a person decides to engage in the dangerous activity of skydiving but signs a waiver, Michigan law views the jumper as assuming the inherent risks of the activity. The concept of liability waiver is often introduced in legal actions brought to obtain compensation after skydiving accidents occur.

Parties Common Responsible for Skydiving Accidents

Most skydiving accidents occur as a result of mistakes by the humans involved. When instructors or pilots make errors, a skydiver’s life can be endangered. While nearly all skydiving facilities require divers to sign liability waivers before jumping, acts of negligence have the potential to make these agreements void and unenforceable.

Common Causes of Skydiving Accidents

Some of the most common causes of skydiving accidents include:

  • Parachutes that fail to open or open too late. These accidents frequently result in either broken bones, concussions, or fatalities.
  • Planes that do not contain adequate passenger restraints for skydivers. If an accident occurs on the way to a jump site, divers can be seriously injured.
  • Sometimes planes that are not appropriate for use or inadequately maintained fail to operate properly. This can have deadly consequences.
  • In an effort to save money, skydiving companies sometimes use skydivers who are not adequately trained.

Strategies to Remain Safe While Skydiving

If you decide to go skydiving, it is important to understand the various risks that can arise and result in serious injury or death. Some of the important safety strategies that you should remember to follow to avoid getting injured include:

  • Do not jump during adverse weather conditions. Things like rain and wind can make it much more difficult to land safely on the ground.
  • Make sure to use a reputable skydiving company. There are a number of companies that rely on instructors that are not adequately trained. To stay safe, it is vital that a skydiving instructor have adequate training.
  • Make sure to thoroughly read any waiver before signing. This way you have an understanding of exactly what risks are you assuming by skydiving.
  • It is critical to inspect skydiving equipment before jumping. In an effort to save money, companies sometimes use inadequate equipment, which can lead to serious accidents.

Even if you are not involved in a skydiving accident, following these safety precautions still helps to make sure that you are prepared for the various risks that might arise.

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No matter if you have been injured while skydiving or any other type of accident, You have a hard road ahead and a stack of mounting bills to pay. Fortunately, an experienced accident attorney can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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