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Josh & Angie were so nice. They talked and explained things as if we were friends and not just another paycheck. I highly recommend using them. Tammy Robert, Mar 22, 2023
Jayson Chizick was super helpful with my workers compensation case. He answered all my questions anytime I had them without any complaints. Very professional! He made this whole process easier to understand and deal with. Amy Miller, Mar 21, 2023
Jayson worked very hard on my case kept me informed and explained every step of the way very thankful for the outcome Wendy Penegor, Mar 17, 2023
This was the first time I've ever needed a lawyer and went in very skeptical. But, Todd and his team quickly alleviated my skepticism. Not only were they extremely professional, they were patient and understanding. Not once did they talk down to me and actually explained every step of our process very clearly with language that I understand. If I ever need an attorney again, they will be my first stop. His office was always quick to respond to my questions. Fred Depue, Mar 14, 2023
Jay trucks firm helped me with a car accident years ago and I would definitely recommend them! Deborah Palmer, Mar 07, 2023
This was a long time coming but My lawyer Jayson C. Did his job on getting a positive settlement in our favor. I would recommend Jayson and the Jay Trucks & Associates team to handle any case you may have. Because they are a team of Lawyers that will be up front honest and can be trusted. Thank you again Jayson C. For your hard work and dedication. God bless you in all you do. Delana Smith, Mar 02, 2023
Great service. Jason did the best he could and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you!! Mike Morrison, Feb 28, 2023
The team Jay Trucks took my case, and explain to me the possible outcome. They're very helpful, answered any questions I had, and informed me of the time frame. I got what I expected and in slightly shorter time than when I expected it. Jason Chizick was very personable and easy to get along with yet still very professional. I had a great experience with Jason, Cassie, and Jessica. They have great communication and kept me informed along the way. If I had to do it over again, I would choose to Jay Trucks team. Theodore Jezowski, Feb 28, 2023
I would highly recommend Jayson from Jay Trucks & Associates to take on your case , he always has your best interests in mind and is very professional and extremely knowledgeable . Hope Stafford, Feb 28, 2023
Jayson helped me by responding to all my questions. He kept my mind at ease and I would recommend him for any workers comp issues. Thank you for navigating through my case. Gillman Preservation, Feb 24, 2023
Todd is very seasoned and knowledgeable attorney. Its been a real healthy experience for me. I am very satisfied thank very much Julian Payton, Feb 23, 2023
I cannot be more satisfied with the outcome of my settlement and the professionalism of J Trucks and associates with special thank you to Todd Truck and Michelle for keeping me updated with every detail of my case you always answered all of my calls promptly I would definitely recommend JTrucks to anyone in need of there experience once again thank you for all you do Todd David Norton, Feb 23, 2023
I would recommend Todd Trucks anybody that I talk to that needs this kind of situation taken care of he got to the bottom of it thank ❤️❤️ Jayson Zeitz, Feb 01, 2023
I was settled within settlement I receive from Mr Jason Anita Amo, Jan 31, 2023
I was honored to have Jayson Chizick represent me. Having Chairperson of the State Bar of Michigan Workers Compensation Law Section in your corner is already a win. He’s dedicated and worked diligently on my case. Almost making it seem effortless; Jayson is efficient and effective. Victoria Magyar, Jan 30, 2023
Tom Ognisati was very helpful with a quick response. I had the pleasure of talking with other team members of Jay Trucks & Associates, very knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend this wonderful group. Tonya Nicks, Jan 27, 2023
When I say they are there for you in every way possible it is an understatement. They were and are absolutely the best at what they do. Jayson was an absolute professional and went above and beyond any and all expectations I could have ever had. Thank you all over at Jay Trucks for all the hard work. You are all truly a blessing. 💪🏽😊💪🏽🤎 Frederick Neville, Jan 26, 2023
I highly recommend Mr. Trucks for your attorney. He was exceptional with my case and it was done during the most difficult period of Covid-19. He tirelessly worked on my case, I appreciate everything he has done for me during this difficult time. Jane Clark, Jan 19, 2023

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