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Pursuing Workers’ Comp for a Remote Work Injury

woman with injured backMore people are working from home than ever before since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a telecommuter, even though you may feel like you have more control over your environment, work-related accidents can still happen.

If you are injured while working remotely, you may wonder if you will still be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits? How do you prove that your injury happened while doing your job, especially if you live alone?

At Jay Trucks & Associates, we have the answers to these and other questions related to workers’ comp claims. Learn more about your legal options following an injury you sustained while working from your home office.

Our knowledgeable lawyers are available to help, even if you are unsure whether you may have a claim. We provide a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and what legal options you may have for pursuing compensation for your injuries. Call our firm to learn more about how we may be able to assist you with your workers’ comp claim.

Are Remote Employees Eligible for Workers’ Comp?

Michigan employees who telecommute are eligible for the same workers’ comp benefits as if they were working onsite. However, your injuries must have occurred while you were performing your job duties.

In some cases, employers have work-at-home policies for their remote employees to set specific guidelines about where and how you should work when you are at home. These policies can be general to very specific.

For example, if your employer created a policy requiring you to work in a home office and use office-supplied ergonomic equipment and you violated that policy, then you may not be eligible for benefits.

Your employer may also state specific activities that you are not permitted to do while working, such as walking on a treadmill or riding an exercise bike.

Other policies your employer may define could include:

  • Your specific job duties for your remote position
  • Designated work hours, which may include electronic clocking in
  • Specified work area
  • Type of furniture and equipment you may use
  • Clear-cut break times
  • Safety protocol to follow
  • Activities that are prohibited during your work hours

Providing Evidence for Your Claim

Employees are always required to provide evidence that their injury is work-related, and that requirement is no different for remote workers. You must be able to show that your injury happened while you were doing your job or otherwise acting in the interest of your employer. Providing evidence of a work injury that occurred in a home office can be harder since you do not have other workers around to provide an eyewitness statement.

If you are injured while working from home, you should immediately notify your employer and seek medical attention. Delaying either of these steps gives room for your employer, or his insurer, to argue that you could have been injured during off-hours.

Other evidence you may be able to use to support your claim includes:

  • Your medical records
  • Written statement from your treating physician
  • Eyewitness account – if your spouse is also working from home
  • Electronic proof that supports your statement that you were working

How Our Licensed Attorneys May Benefit Your Claim

At Jay Trucks & Associates, we understand that a work-related injury can happen even when doing your job in the comfort of your own home.

If you injured yourself while performing your work duties at home, our Grand Rapids workers’ comp lawyers are prepared to help. We have been representing injured victims for more than 30 years and a proven track record of recovering workers comp benefits on their behalf. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to guide you through every step of the filing process and help you to gather the evidence you need to support your claim.

We accept workers’ compensation cases on contingency, which means that there is nothing for you to pay up front. Our firm does not collect legal costs or attorney fees until the end of your case, and only if we obtain compensation for you. Learn more about how this works in your free no-obligation initial consultation.

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