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What Pedestrians Can Do To Stay Safe

A boy in Petoskey recently died from injuries that were incurred as the result of an accident involving one vehicle and two pedestrians. The accident occurred when a vehicle collided with two pedestrians, a mother and her son who were walking a bicycle along the road. While the mother was treated for injuries at a local hospital and later discharged, the boy was flown by medical helicopter to a nearby hospital where he later died from his injuries. Law enforcement has stated that drugs and alcohol are thought to have played a role in the accident.

While a large number of drivers are seriously injured each year in car accidents, many pedestrians are also harmed. Pedestrians who are involved in motor vehicle accidents often endure life-altering injuries or are killed by the impact. While it is impossible to eliminate the dangers of walking on the road, it is possible to greatly decrease the risk of pedestrians accidents by following some important safety precautions.

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Look Both Ways While Walking

While many roads are marked “one way”, this does not mean that vehicles always follow these directions. To greatly increase your chances of remaining safe while walking, look both ways while walking, particularly when crossing the road.

Do Not Rely on Assumptions

Expecting that every driver on the road will follow all posted directions is often a good way to end up in a serious accident. Numerous pedestrians in Michigan are injured each year because they assume motor vehicle drivers will behave in a certain way. Instead, you should walk defensively and assume the worst from drivers on the road.

Maintain Eye Contact with Drivers

If you are crossing the road, make sure that you make eye contact with drivers who are nearby because this helps express your intention to cross the road. It is common for drivers to feel disconnected from pedestrian traffic while they are shut off behind the wheel of a large and powerful vehicle, but the small habit of making eye contacts helps to make sure that you are noticed.

Avoid Crowded Roads

Even though a crowded road might be the quickest way to a destination, it is often the most dangerous. Understandably, there are some situations in which you have no other option but to cross a crowded street, but you should minimize these situations whenever possible. If you are walking through a crowded area, you should make sure to use a great degree of caution to stay aware of surrounding traffic.

Follow Posted Signals

One of the easiest ways to increase your chances of avoiding an accident is to always follow posted traffic signals. While it is true that not every driver will follow these instructions, doing this greatly helps you stay safe.

Speak with a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrians are compromised in several ways while walking on the road. One of these reasons is that vehicles are often much larger than pedestrians. A second reason is that pedestrians often lack the padding that other drivers have. As a result, if you or a loved one is injured while walking on the road, you should not hesitate to contact an experienced injury attorney today. Contact Jay Trucks & Associates today for assistance.

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