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Evidence That a Drowsy Driver Caused Your Crash

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on September 01, 2022 in Auto Accidents

Getting behind the wheel to drive when you are tired is not just risky. It can lead to a serious or even fatal crash. Unfortunately, too many people do just that. Hundreds of thousands of drowsy driving crashes happen every year. If you were injured because another driver was impaired by fatigue, you may be […]

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What if My Crash Was Caused By a Driver in a Stolen Car?

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on August 25, 2022 in Auto Accidents

No one likes being in a crash, but if it is caused by a driver in a stolen car, it adds yet another layer of stress, complexity and confusion. Injured victims in this situation may wonder how they will cover their medical costs and other losses. Does personal injury protection (PIP) insurance apply in this […]

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Wrist Injury at Work: How to Prove Your Claim

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on August 18, 2022 in Workers Compensation - Latest News

Wrist injuries are very common and they can happen in a lot of different ways. Whether you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, strains or something else, you should get examined by a doctor right away. If your wrist injury happened at work, you will also need to file a workers’ compensation claim. Proving your […]

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Are Drivers Always Liable for a Pedestrian Crash?

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on August 12, 2022 in Auto Accidents

Pedestrians have little protection if they get hit by a car. Often, the injuries are catastrophic and an impaired, reckless or distracted driver is responsible for the damages. However, is that always the case? Are drivers always liable for causing a pedestrian crash? In a Michigan pedestrian claim, it is not necessary to establish fault […]

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Do I Need Legal Help for a Slip and Fall Injury at Work?

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on August 05, 2022 in Workers Compensation - Latest News

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common ways people get hurt at work. Whether a worker tripped over an ill-placed electrical cord or slipped on a spill, it could cause some pretty serious injuries. If you suffer a slip and fall injury at work, you may have a lot of questions. You […]

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Filing for Damages if the At-Fault Driver Has No Insurance

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on July 26, 2022 in Auto Accidents

Michigan has among the highest number of uninsured drivers in the U.S. today. This is likely due to how expensive auto insurance coverage is in the state. Unfortunately, if you have a crash, this makes it far more likely that the at-fault driver will have no insurance. How can you protect yourself from this situation? […]

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What if I Have Memory Loss After a Crash?

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on July 19, 2022 in Auto Accidents

It is not uncommon for injured victims to suffer from memory loss after a crash. However, this experience can be unnerving for the victim and raise a lot of important questions. What if you are never able to remember details from before your crash? Is there any treatment that could help? What if your personal […]

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What Can I Do if the Driver Who Caused My Crash Lies About it?

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on July 13, 2022 in Auto Accidents

Does it matter if the at-fault driver lies about your crash and how it happened? In a no-fault state, like Michigan, both sides can recover medical costs and other damages no matter who caused the crash. However, your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage may not always be enough, especially after a severe crash. Additionally, being […]

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Who May Be Liable for a Red-Light Crash?

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on July 07, 2022 in Auto Accidents

Red-light crashes result in thousands of severe, even fatal injuries each year. Victims often face lengthy recoveries and unexpected financial pressures. Red-light runners are clearly breaking the law when they ignore the traffic signal, However, are they always the liable party for these collisions? Jay Trucks talks more about red-light crashes, including how they happen […]

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Who Pays if a Teen Driver Causes a Crash?

Posted on behalf of Jay Trucks Law on June 30, 2022 in Auto Accidents

As teens approach the age when they can begin driver training, it is a good idea for parents to learn more about the risks and responsibilities they are taking on. For instance, when do you need to add your teen to your insurance? What happens if your teen is involved in a crash? Who pays […]

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