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Common Types of Bus Accidents In Michigan

A serious accident recently occurred in the Kalamazoo area. A bus was moving at a green light when another motor vehicle struck the bus head on. Fortunately, a Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer was stopped at the intersection and able to help people out of the vehicle. Four of the involved individuals were taken to the hospital. The operators of both the vehicles needed to be freed from their automobiles and taken to nearby medical facilities with serious injuries. While speed does not likely appear to be a cause of the accident, law enforcement is still proceeding with an investigation about how the accident occurred.

Each year, bus accidents occur involving many different kinds of buses including those in the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority, Detroit Department of Transportation, Greyhound buses, school buses and others. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 300 fatal bus accidents occur each year. For people who are injured in Michigan bus accidents, it is a wise idea to contact an experienced attorney who can fight for the compensation that you deserve.

Common Types of Bus Accidents in Michigan

There are several ways in which Michigan bus accidents are known to occur. Some of the most common causes of bus accidents include the following:

  • Adverse weather conditions including ice and snow.
  • Blind spots that prevent bus drivers from noticing nearby vehicles.
  • Bus drivers who attempt to pass under clearance heights and strike the walls.
  • Bus drivers who make improper turns, run red lights, speed, or drive in an unsafe manner.
  • Companies that negligently hire unqualified bus drivers.
  • Defective road conditions.
  • Distracted or fatigued bus drivers.
  • Failure to properly stop at intersections or railroad crossings.
  • Inadequately trained bus drivers.
  • Lack of safety features in buses.
  • Old buses with outdated equipment.
  • Poorly maintained buses that experience mechanical difficulties.
  • School buses that collide with objects and people while backing up.

Insurance Issues in Bus Accidents

In the event of a bus accident, a person’s no-fault automobile insurance applies to any injuries incurred. Some people who lack no-fault insurance policies are still able to obtain compensation if a relative who lives in the same household has a no-fault policy. In addition to no-fault insurance policies, people who are injured in third party lawsuits are able to initiate lawsuits against bus drivers or involved companies. Victims often face a difficult time in initiating lawsuits against the government because unless certain limited exceptions exist, the government is protected from these types of lawsuits.

Obtain the Assistance of a Skilled Michigan Attorney

Bus accidents are frequently challenging events for victim who are left to deal with significant physical pain and mounting medical bills. If you are injured in a bus accident in Michigan, do not hesitate to contact a Flint personal injury attorney at Jay Trucks & Associates. Our legal counsel has helped many individuals understand the many complex laws that can arise in these situations and will fight to make sure that your case reaches the best possible outcome.

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