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Advice for Driving on Dusty Roads in Michigan

A man in Sanilac County was recently airlifted by helicopter to a hospital after his vehicle collided into a manure spreader.

A preliminary investigation by law enforcement determined that the accident occurred when a tractor pulling a manure spreader was rear-ended by the 2003 vehicle. Fortunately, the tractor’s operator was not injured in the accident.

Law enforcement has reported that limited and low visibility from dust off a gravel road as well as the car driver traveling too closely behind the vehicle were the primary causes of the accident.

There are a number of atmosphere conditions in Michigan that can make it difficult to safely operate a vehicle. While many drivers know that things like rain and snow increase the chances of car accidents, there are a number of other factors that increases the risk that an accident will occur.

One of these elements is dust, which is particularly common in unpaved roads in the rural areas of the state. There are a number of dangerous factors created by these roads and it is important for Michigan drivers to remain cautious while driving in these conditions.

The Dangerous Nature of Dusty Roads

The most common danger presented by dusty roads is that they can interfere with a driver’s ability to see other vehicles on the road as well as other hazards.

In addition to impairing visibility, when a great amount of dust is created from a road, a motor vehicle driver can become distracted if the dust enters the vehicle and causes the driver to cough or rub his or her eyes.

Some drivers even attempt to speed in an effort to either reduce the amount of dust in the vehicle or get off the road more quickly, which greatly increases a person’s chances of ending up in an accident.

Advice for Safely Driving on Unpaved Roads

The Federal Highway Administration reports that approximately 35% of motor vehicle accidents in the United States occur on unpaved road.

If you are a Michigan driver who is traveling on a dusty road, it can help to follow some important safety precautions to avoid ending up in a deadly accident:

  • Be prepared to travel on a dusty road by making sure that your know your route and that your vehicle is properly inspected to avoid tire blowouts.
  • Avoid speeding. It is often difficult to determine exactly how a vehicle will respond when driving off road. Not to mention the quality of unpaved roads changed greatly. While some unpaved roads are carefully maintained, other unpaved roads are much more dangerous.
  • It is common for curves or dips to occur in unpaved roads. As a result, it is important to remain on the lookout for dangerous conditions on unpaved roads. This means that you should take efforts to avoid being distracted and having your attention taken off the road.
  • One of the unique dangers on unpaved roads are loose surfaces including dirt, gravel, and sand. If you are traveling over loose surface, make sure to lower your vehicle’s speed and avoid suddenly accelerating or braking.

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