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What Does ‘No Upfront Costs’ Mean for Your Claim?

At the law offices of Jay Trucks & Associates, we charge are no upfront costs and you do not pay us unless we recover compensation for your case. It’s also free to discuss your claim with one of our lawyers and we can help to determine if we believe you have case. If so and you choose to hire us, you are also not required to pay us while we build and work on your case.

We cover any costs that may be associated with handling your claim and when we win your case, we charge a certain percentage of the compensation award for the services that we provided. The percentage is agreed upon beforehand and may vary by the type of case.

Why do Law Firms Agree to Work with No Upfront Fees?

Many at fault people often have large legal teams available from the insurance company that is defending their case. At Jay Trucks & Associates we believe that injury victims should also have access to premium quality legal advice to help level the playing field.

We have many years of experience handling cases against insurance agencies, large corporations and the legal teams that represent them. Our successes against these types of organizations enable us to offer a “no upfront fee structure” to our personal injury clients.

How Does the Free Case Review Work?

At Jay Trucks & Associates, we offer a Free, No-Obligation Case Consultation where we can discuss the details of your claim, review the legal process specific to your claim and work on a contract explaining our fees for handling the case. During this consultation you can ask the attorney any questions you may have about your claim.

What Happens When the Case Concludes?

When a settlement is reached or a jury comes to a verdict in your favor, you will be given a closing statement, which will include the gross amount of funds we secured along with the costs associated with the case.

If you owe any medical bills or your health insurance company has placed a lien on any compensation you receive, we can assist with resolving these debts. These debts will also be included in your closing statement.

Compensation is not paid out until you have reviewed and signed the closing statement.

Are There Other Fee Arrangements Attorneys Use?

Other law firms may require you to pay them hundreds of dollars per hour to work on your case. This usually includes the time spent answering a phone call or reading and responding to emails. This may make you shy away from calling the firm to ask questions over concerns about how much it will cost you. Some lawyers may also charge a retainer fee, which means you may need to come up with several hundreds or thousands of dollars before they will even take or start working on your case.

Ways to Get in Touch with an Attorney

You can contact us by calling (800) 762-8623 or by filling out our Free Case Consultation form. There is no commitment required even after your initial no-cost consultation.

Our firm has decades of legal experience protecting the rights of injured victims throughout Michigan and has recovered over $500 million in compensation.

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