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In January 1999, Liz joined the firm through the co-op program at Mid Michigan Community College, where she graduated, with honors, with an Associate’s Degree in Business as a Medical Secretary/Office Professional.

Prior to joining the firm, Liz worked in retail, where she gained customer service experience, which is an important asset when assisting our clients.

“The workers’ compensation system is a difficult and, oftentimes, an unfriendly system for the injured worker to have to maneuver, and I strive to be a friendly and compassionate advocate for our clients. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I can help guide them through this troubling time, and I hope that I make the whole experience easier for them to cope with.”

Liz handles a variety of jobs in the firm, which include processing incoming medical records for the Workers’ Compensation Department, tracking depositions, documenting liens, and scheduling and preparing files for vocational rehabilitation and medical management meetings. In addition, she handles all of the workers’ compensation monitor files. In these files, clients are receiving their benefits; however, there are many issues that arise in these files, and each situation must be handled quickly and on an individual basis. By appropriately handling each of these issues, Liz hopes to ensure that her clients will continue to receive their benefits without interruption or delay.

“A lot of my responsibilities are time sensitive, which at times can be a bit challenging. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are not a guarantee, and there are times when, no matter what you do, the end result is not what we had hoped and that can be frustrating. Our overall goal is to do the best job we can for our clients. We work hard to achieve that goal.”