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Wrongful Termination Lawsuits in Michigan

Not everyone who has been let go by their place of work is in a position to file a wrongful termination claim. If you find yourself considering such a claim, it’s a good time to hire a wrongful termination lawyer, because the relevant law is complex and an employment attorney can answer them for you. There are several ways in which a person can be hired, and even if you have no basis for a wrongful termination claim, you may have a basis for:

  • Breach of contract,
  • Violation of some applicable statute or regulation, or
  • Violation of a collective bargaining agreement.

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Some protections in Michigan

Your employer is obliged to look out for you in some ways and protect you from:

  • Age discrimination
  • Sexual harassment and discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Wrongful termination

If you’ve been terminated on one of these bases, you have some rights, and an experienced employment attorney can help you assert them.

At-will employment

By default, most employees are regarded as “at-will” employees. This means that the employer can legally terminate the employment any time, without giving a reason; and conversely, the employee can legally leave at any time, without giving a reason.

Being an employee

  • You’re paid a salary or an hourly wage, or a combination of base salary and commission
  • Your employer withholds taxes for you
  • You can apply for unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation
  • You can bring a claim for wrongful termination

Union employees

  • Your rights are set by your union’s contract with the employer, by federal labor law and by the Michigan Employment Relations Board.
  • You can be fired only “for cause” and legitimate causes are laid out in the contract
  • You can appeal a termination by filing a grievance through your union
  • You can file a claim for breach of contract, but not for wrongful termination

Independent contractors

  • You’re in business for yourself and not paid a salary or an hourly rate
  • You’re paid when the job is finished
  • You pay your own taxes and aren’t eligible for unemployment compensation or workers’ compensation
  • You can’t claim wrongful termination, but you may be able to claim breach of contract
  • You may be an “employee for a specific term”, meaning that you’re an employee only for a specified time, such as 6 months or a year. In this case you can only be fired “for cause” and usually you’ll have a contract which spells out what a “cause” would be.
  • Contracts can be written or implied
  • You may actually be the employee of an agency which found you the work


  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Disability
  • Nationality, or
  • Age

If you think you’ve been terminated because of any of these, and you have no employment contract, you may have a wrongful termination case.

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