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Injuries Caused By Appliances

Two brothers in the metro Detroit area were recently killed in a house fire. Fire officials report that while they tried to help the brothers, who were located upstairs, the fire was simply too intense for firemen to get inside. Both parents of the boys were en route to work at the time the fire occurred, but the two boys were at home because their school had a delayed start.

Currently, all that is known is that the fire was an accident that began in the family’s kitchen. Investigators are currently looking at the family’s toaster as a cause for the fire. Arson has already been ruled out as a cause of the accident.

It will likely come as no surprise, but our homes are full of many deadly products, including appliances. Statistics reveal that 300 people are killed each year as a result of toasters, though these accidents are more often caused by electrical shock than fire.

To reduce the risks of toaster accidents, all toasters manufactured after 2001 contain “anti-jam” mechanisms, but these devices are known to fail as a result of heavy use. Another risk presented by toasters is that they can contain exposed live wires that can result in electrical burns.

The Most Dangerous Appliances in Your Home

Besides toasters, some of the other appliances found in Michigan homes that can prove deadly include:

  • Statistics reveal that between 2002 to 2019, dishwashers resulted in more than 1,000 fires. Additionally, the door gasket on dishwashers can become contaminated with black yeast and fungus. There have also been cases of individuals being harmed by utensils that have been placed with the sharp end up within dishwashers.
  • Because microwaves utilize non-ionizing radiation, they do not involve the same risks as other types of ionizing radiation devices. Despite this difference, exposure to high levels of microwaves can cause cataracts and skin burns.
  • An alarming number of fires (more than 16,000) in the United States are believed to have been caused by ranges and cooktops between 2002 to 2009. Cooking is the primary cause of many home fire deaths.
  • Space heaters. Approximately 300 people are killed each year in the United States in the approximate 21,000 fires caused by space heaters. In addition to causing fires, space heaters also present the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks.

If an appliance is determined to have caused an accident as a result of its defective nature, the manufacturer will be held strictly liable. This means the manufacturer will be found at fault for any damage that results from the use of the product. Navigating defective product lawsuits is complex, however, and requires the assistance of an experienced attorney.

Speak with an Experienced Attorney

It is an unfortunate truth, but each month in Michigan, many people’s lives are changed as a result of dangerous appliances. If you or a loved one is harmed by a dangerous appliance, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced injury attorney. Contact Jay Trucks & Associates, PC today to schedule a free case evaluation.

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