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courtroom gavel pictured on an empty deskExpert witnesses are not needed in every personal injury claim, but if your case goes to court, it can make a significant difference to the outcome of your case. However, choosing the right witness is important too. Read on to learn more about expert witnesses and how they can make or break an injury claim.

Our Grand Rapids personal injury lawyers at Jay Trucks are prepared to help accident victims injured by the negligent acts of others. While we do all we can to avoid a trial, if one is necessary, we are prepared. This includes fighting for maximum compensation on your behalf and choosing an expert witness, as needed, that can help benefit your claim.

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When an Expert Witness May Benefit an Injury Claim

Expert witnesses are sometimes confused with someone who was an eyewitness to the accident. However, expert witnesses are not people who saw your accident happen. They are leaders in their field and have special knowledge and training. The testimony of these experts is important as they are able to better explain details that are important to your claim by:

As neutral third parties, the testimony of a respected expert often carries more weight in a court trial. This is good for your claim, and it may often help to sway the jury in your favor.

Different Claims May Need Different Experts

Your attorney will know when an expert witness may benefit your claim. There are many types of experts that may provide value to a hard-to-prove injury claim, such as those who have special knowledge and training in:

Could an Expert Witness Hurt Your Claim?

When it comes to providing testimony at a trial, some experts are better than others. An expert who comes across as condescending, unlikable or untrustworthy may not be a good choice.

In a trial, it is not just about knowing the facts, it is also about perception. Expert witnesses must be able to communicate information in a way that seems friendly, believable and authoritative.

Additional traits of an expert witness include those who are:

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After being injured because of another person’s negligence, it is important to seek legal help without delay. Having a qualified attorney on your side may significantly benefit your claim.

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