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What To Do If Your Property is Damaged In A Car Accident In Michigan

While car accidents involving property damage are not common, these types of accidents do happen and when they do, homeowners and building owners are often not sure how to respond. Learn what to do if your property is damaged in a car accident in Michigan and why you need the help of an experienced accident law firm on your side.

The Reason Why Cars Strike Property

There are several common causes of car accidents involving property, including:

  • Drivers who fall asleep at the wheel
  • Drivers who experience sudden medical emergencies while driving
  • Drivers who operate vehicles while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Inadequately maintained roads
  • Drivers who lose control of their vehicle while being chased by law enforcement
  • Vehicles that malfunction or fail to operate properly

How Property Owners Respond

In addition to the various benefits provided by no-fault insurance, individuals are also able to collect property protection insurance under the terms of the Michigan No-Fault Act. Personal protection insurance is designed to compensate accident victims for property damage. To qualify for coverage under personal property insurance, there are two requirements that must be met:

  • The property damage that occurs must have arisen out of the maintenance, operation, or ownership of a motor vehicle. This means that the property damage must be connected to the motor vehicle being used in its role as a vehicle.
  • The property damage must be accidental. This means that coverage is not available if the property damage was intentional. Even if the person who is seeking coverage caused the motor vehicle accident due to irresponsible or careless actions, coverage will still not apply if the act is done intentionally.

What to do if the Driver Flees the Scene of the Accident

If the driver does not remain at the scene of the accident after causing damage to your property, your rights to obtain compensation will be much more limited. In these situations, immediately following the accident, you should determine if any witnesses saw the accident occur by asking nearby pedestrians and neighbors. While it is rare for someone to write down the license plate in these situations, you will at least be able to determine the size and color of the vehicle that struck your property, which can help law enforcement find the person who is responsible for the accident. In these situations, a knowledgeable accident attorney will be able to help you determine the various available methods to obtain compensation.

Speak with a Skilled Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents in Flint and other ares in Michigan involving property damage have the potential to result in numerous injuries and other complications. To respond to the numerous issues that arise, it is a wise idea to quickly obtain the assistance of an experienced accident attorney.

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