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Tips To Protect Your Teenage Driver

A tragic motor vehicle accident in the Shepherd area recently resulted in the death of a teenager. The accident occurred early on a Sunday morning at the intersection of two roads. The exact way in which the accident occurred has not yet been disclosed. Statistics reveal that vehicular accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers in the United States.

While the number of deadly accidents has decreased since 1975, teenagers are still three times more likely to end up in deadly car accidents than those in other age brackets. Fortunately, to decrease the risk that your child ends up in a deadly car accident, there a few important steps that you as a parent can take.

Send Your Teenager to Driver’s Ed

The more practice that young drivers receive, the safer they will be on the road. Michigan’s Department of Motor Vehicles provides a list of approved safety courses, which can be taken online or in person.

Provide a Safe Vehicle

Some vehicles are more dangerous than others. Whether your teenager is driving a brand new or used vehicle, it is critical to select a vehicle with important safety features including anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, front and side airbags, and head restraints. If your teenage driver is involved in an accident, these safety features can turn out to be life savers.

Restrict Driving in Any Way Necessary

In addition to Michigan’s driver’s license requirements, you should consider restricting your teenager’s driving powers in any way necessary. Many parents find it a wise idea to take away the keys after 9 pm or restrict the number of people allowed in the teenager’s vehicle at the same time.

Be a Good Example

To make sure that your child drives safely, it is critical that you set a good example. You should make sure to always wear a seatbelt while driving as well as avoid any distractions that exist on the road. Children are unlikely to follow advice about safe driving if their parents fail to practice what they preach.

Discuss the Cost of Driving

If your child is required to pay for some costs related to operating a car including gas, insurance, or oil checks, there is a good chance that your child will grow to appreciate the importance of safely operating a vehicle.

Establish a Zero-Tolerance Policy

It is critical that parents establish that absolutely no alcohol use will be tolerated while the teenager is operating a vehicle. By firmly enforcing this requirement to drive, you will be greatly decreasing the chances that your child ends up in a drunk driving accident.

No matter what important safety measures you take, accidents still occur every day. Contact Jay Trucks & Associates today for assistance with your car accident case.