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Tips to Avoid School Bus Accidents

A recent accident between a truck and a school bus occurred in Iosco County that resulted in one individual being sent to the hospital after being cut out of the vehicle. While the bus was in the process of making a left turn from US-23 to Aulerich Road, the vehicles collided. The truck’s driver is reported to have been diving without any headlights on, which caused the bus driver to fail to see him. The reason why the truck did not have any headlights on was because the driver’s alternator was out and he was following his girlfriend to a local repair shop.

Even though the vehicle’s lights were out, the driver is still likely at fault and can be cited. At the time that the accident occurred, there were four students on board the vehicle, but none of the children were hurt. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that approximately 134 individuals die in school vehicle related accidents each year, with 8% of this number representing school buses.

Safety Advice for Motor Vehicle Drivers

Motor vehicle operators must always remain aware of what nearby school buses are doing. Some important safety tips for motor vehicle drivers encountering school buses include:

  • Pay Attention. It is critical that motor vehicle drivers remain cautious about school bus warning lights and mechanical stop signs.
  • Slowing Down. Drivers must slow down in school zones and other areas where children are present.
  • Stop Entirely. Motor vehicle operators must come to a complete stop when passengers are embarking or disembarking from a bus.
  • After stopping for school buses, drivers should always wait until lights stop flashing and stop signs are lowered before proceeding.

Safety Tips for Children and Parents

Parents can help their children avoid being involved in bus accidents by following some important steps. These steps should all comprise a training program for the child that involves remaining alert when entering or exiting a vehicle.

  • After Exiting a School Bus. Children should be taught to never go back for any lost items after exiting the school bus.
  • Always Cross in Front. It is essential that children always cross in front of school buses.
  • Adults must teach children to remain cautious when crossing the road.
  • Eye Contact. It is important that children are taught by their parents to always maintain eye contact with their parents.
  • Never Bend Down. Adults must teach children to never bend in front of or underneath a school bus.
  • Children should be taught by parents to take five steps away from buses when exiting.

School bus accidents have the potential to harm a large number of individuals and significantly impact the lives of those involved. If your loved ones are harmed in a motor vehicle accident, it is a wise idea to speak with strong legal representatives like the personal injury attorneys at Jay Trucks & Associates who, from start to finish, will remain committed to fighting for the compensation that you deserve. Consider contacting our firm today to obtain the assistance that you require.