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The Dangers of Deadly Van Accidents In Michigan

Michigan State Police report that a woman was recently killed after a truck accident involving a cargo van and a tow truck. The tow truck was traveling in Bay County’s William Township when the van, which was headed in the opposite direction, drove into the tow truck’s path. The woman in the van did not survive the accident. There were no passengers in either the van or the tow truck at the time of the accident. Additional details about the accident are still being investigated.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association urges van drivers as well as a passenger to take adequate precautions against the risk of deadly accidents. Vans are at a much higher risk of being involved in rollovers than other vehicles, particularly when they are loaded with cargo or passengers. Current data compiled by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System reports that there are approximately 750 deaths from large van accidents and 2,000 deaths from minivan crashes each year.

Dangers Associated With Vans

Both drivers of smaller vehicles, as well as anyone who plans on stepping inside of a van, should be on the lookout for some warning signs. Some of the signs that a van is at an increased risk of ending up in an accident include:

  • Inadequate training. Vans operate differently than smaller vehicles. A driver who does not have adequate training on how to safely operate a van is at an increased risk of ending up in a deadly accident. If you plan on riding in a van, you should make certain that the driver has adequate training.
  • Not using seat belts. Passenger vans are often used by various organizations including churches and schools. Unfortunately, not everyone remembers to wear their seat belts when riding in vans. A large number of people who die in passenger vans are not wearing seat belts. No matter the size of the van that you plan on riding in, you should make sure to wear a seat belt.
  • Overloaded vans. Many van operators make sure that their vans are not overloaded, but not everyone does. If a van is overloaded or improperly packed, the risk of being involved in a rollover or other type of accident greatly increases. As a result, it is best to be cautious about riding in overloaded vans.
  • Combining excessive speeds with passenger vans can lead to deadly accidents because these vehicles often have a much more difficult time stopping. Due to their substantial weight and high center of gravity, speeding vans are also at an increased risk of rollover accidents.

No matter the type of vehicle that you are riding in at the time an accident occurs, you can find yourself facing several unwanted complications. If there is another party responsible for your accident, you should not hesitate to speak with an experienced Grand Rapids car accident attorney who can help you fight for the results you deserve. Contact Jay Trucks & Associates, PC today to schedule a free initial consultation.