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Compensation For Michigan Workers Injured by Falling Objects

Two workers at a granite and marble wholesaler in Sterling Heights were killed recently after granite slabs fell on them. A statement from the Sterling Heights Fire Department revealed that the workers were using an overhead crane to move several granite slabs at the time the accident occurred. When the granite slabs were lifted off of their storage rack, several other slabs shifted, which led to the material falling. As a result of the falling granite slabs, the workers were pinned and immediately killed. Nearby businesses, as well as the Sterling Heights Fire Department, performed the recovery effort.

Granite is just one of many dangerous objects with which Michigan workers interact daily. The slabs weigh approximately 1,000 pounds and measure five feet wide and eight feet long. According to the Michigan State University’s Michigan Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation, more than 80 workers have died in Michigan in 2019 from injuries due to workplace accidents. While it might not be possible to eliminate the number of fatalities caused by falling objects in the workplace, this article reviews some important safety tips that can be followed to greatly reduce the risk of these accidents.

Adequate Warning

Employers must make to provide workers with adequate warnings about the various dangers that exist in the workplace. This means that employers should make sure to use adequate signage at the job site. If guests are visiting the job site, these individuals must be made aware of areas where falling object risks exist.

Properly Secure Loads

If a worker is required to lift loads to a higher spot, it is a wise idea to make sure that the load is properly secured. Each year, several falling object accidents occur because loads are not secured sufficiently. This means that workers should understand that plastic wrap might stretch in high heats or excessive. This also means that workers should use either cloth or metal straps for the heaviest loads.

Keep the Worksite Clean

Loose debris is one of the most common objects known to fall at work sites. To reduce the risk of these accidents, employers should make sure that work sites are kept organized and cleaned. For example, workers should avoid not pulling tools back in the proper area, particularly when working at elevated heights.

Move Loads in the Proper Manner

Workers who move loads should understand that they should never lift or swing loads over their heads. In situations where loads are being placed on high shelves or other elevated locations, workers should make sure to use a spotter who can ensure that the load is properly placed.

Contact a Lawyer

Falling objects and any other type of workplace catastrophe can leave workers facing serious injuries as well as death. To make matters worse, if the worker is financially responsible for others, his or her family can also end up devastated by the accident.

If you need the assistance of an experienced accident attorney, do not hesitate to contact Jay Trucks & Associates, PC today. Our workers compensation lawyers in Flint offer free case evaluations and there is no fee unless we win your case.

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