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Reducing The Risk of Michigan Speeding Accidents

One individual in Ionia County was recently killed in a car accident involving speeding.

The late driver was the only person in the vehicle at the time of the accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. Law enforcement believes that the woman was speeding when she collided with a mailbox, lost control of her vehicle, and struck a tree. The details of the accident are still under investigation.

Speeding is dangerous. While we all understand that going far above the posted speed limit greatly increases a person’s chance of ending up in an accident, even surpassing the speed limit by five miles an hour can have a substantial impact on whether or not a person ends up in a car accident. This is because speeding greatly impacts a driver’s ability to safely handle a motor vehicle.

Statistics reveal that in 2015, approximately 3% of all deadly accidents occurred as a result of speeding. In an effort to help you avoid the risk of these accidents, the following will review some of the safety tips to follow to reduce your risk of ending up in a car accident.

Remember the Three-Second Rule

If you are driving a vehicle, pick a spot in the distance and make a note of exactly when the vehicle in front of yours passes it. Then count the seconds before your vehicle passes this same point. If you pass the point before three seconds have elapsed, you are following the car in front of you too closely.

The three-second rule is a strategy used to determine the distance between your vehicle and other cars on the road. Many safety experts refer to this method as the best way to reduce the risk of ending up in accidents.

If you have a tendency to follow other vehicles too closely, this technique can be helpful in maintaining an adequate distance from other vehicles.

Do Not Rush to Reach Your Destination

If you have a tendency to run late, you likely also have a tendency to speed. By taking your time and leaving with a sufficient amount of time to reach your destination, you will not need to speed.

This is particularly important if there are adverse weather conditions or other factors at play that when combined with speeding could result in a deadly accident. Driving more slowly is often driving more safely.

If you are anxious to get somewhere, it can be beyond frustrating to end up being a driver who is traveling too slowly. By exercising patience on the road, you can greatly reduce the risk of ending up in an accident caused by speeding. Rather than be anxious, you should travel at a slower pace and enjoy the ride.

Speeding is just one of the many factors that can make an accident deadly. Unfortunately, no matter what safety precautions a driver follows, accidents are still known to occur.

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