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Do Car Crash Lawyers Take Claims for Soft-Tissue Injuries?

picture of injured knee in braceCar Accidents are an unfortunate, but common event. When people think of the injuries that drivers and others may suffer in a collision, they probably go right to broken bones and other visible damages. But soft-tissue injuries, although not easily seen, may also be quite serious and painful.

Since you cannot see the damages, do you still have a case? Would a car accident attorney accept a soft-tissue injury claim?

The answer to both questions is maybe. Below, learn more about soft-tissue injuries in a car crash, including what attorneys need to prove damages.

If you were involved in a car crash because of another’s negligence, it is important that you seek medical care. We also recommend seeking legal help to discuss your situation. At Jay Trucks and Associates, we can determine if you may have a case – at no cost or obligation to you. Call our firm to learn more.

What is a Soft-Tissue Injury?

Soft-tissue injuries may be mild to severe and involve any of your body’s connective tissue, tendons, ligaments or muscles. Severe soft-tissue injuries are extremely painful, requiring physical therapy and a long recovery time. In some cases, surgery may also be required.

Common soft-tissue injuries include:

Severe Contusions

Contusions – or bruises – often result in skin discoloration and tenderness when you touch the affected area. However, contusions may also indicate a serious injury, such as a severe sprain, broken bone or internal organ damage.

Serious contusions are the result of a trauma or direct blow to the body. In a collision, bruising is likely after slamming into a hard object, such as a car door or steering wheel.

Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash injuries have a bad reputation for being used by opportunists to get money for a mild to non-existent injury. This is unfortunate for car crash victims who suffer a severe sprain and strain neck injury. Whiplash is the common term used because of the whip-like, violent back-and-forth motion that causes the injury. Symptoms may include both sharp pain, stiffness and a limited range of motion.

Sprains, Strains and Tears

Joints, muscles and ligaments may get overextended or torn during a severe car accident. These injuries are quite serious and painful. Doctors may use diagnostics, including X-rays or MRIs, to rule out fractures and determine the severity of the damage.

In Michigan, Personal Injury Protection (PIP), under the state’s no-fault insurance system, covers the costs of your medical treatment. Recovery and care may include rest, physical therapy – even casting or surgery in more severe cases.

Other Common Car Crash Injuries to Soft Tissue

Other common soft-tissue injuries that victims suffer in a car crash include:

  • Shoulder impingement injuries
  • Knee ligament injuries, including MCL and ACL injuries

Are There Long-Term Damages From Soft-Tissue Injuries?

There may be some lasting effects following a severe soft-tissue injury, which may include:

  • Ongoing reduced mobility
  • Chronic pain or numbness
  • Partial or full loss of functionality
  • Decreased muscle strength
  • Disfigurement
  • Scarring

If your injury is severe enough to meet the state’s injury threshold, you may be able to pursue additional compensation for your injuries. This is something you should discuss in a free consultation with one of our experienced lawyers at Jay Trucks.

Proving the Value of Your Damages

Proving your soft-tissue injuries exist and are severe is difficult – especially if you do not seek medical care after your accident. Additionally, you must continue your treatment as prescribed by your doctor. These steps are essential for your health, but they also help to link your injuries to the accident and provide evidence for your legal claim. Without any evidence, insurance companies are likely to successfully argue that your injuries could have happened anywhere.

Evidence that may help to support your claim includes:

  • Pictures of the accident scene – including damage to your car
  • Accident report
  • Medical records – including doctor’s notes
  • Invoices for your medical costs
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Proof of lost wages if you could not work while recovering

Your attorney will use this evidence to establish proof of your injuries and also to calculate the value of your damages. It is important to mention that while you should never exaggerate your injuries, you should clearly talk about what they are – including:

  • Where you are hurting
  • Your pain levels on a daily basis
  • What activities make your pain worse
  • Tasks or activities you cannot do because of your pain
  • Other ways your injury impacts you

It is often recommended that injured victims maintain a simple record of this information. Documenting these details in a journal every day – just the facts – can help to support your injury claim.

How an Attorney May Benefit Your Claim

At Jay Trucks and Associates, our car accident lawyers in Grand Rapids are prepared to do the hard work of pursuing maximum compensation on your behalf. Finding out if you may have a case is as easy as calling our law offices and scheduling a completely free consultation. There is no obligation to move forward – so no risk to you.

We have recovered millions in compensation for our clients, and we are prepared to work equally hard for you. If we represent you, there are no upfront costs or fees to pay. We only get paid if you do.

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