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Does Accident Reconstruction Help Your Car Crash Claim?

accident reconstruction in crash claimCar crashes are both traumatic and inconvenient, not to mention expensive. That is a lot of immediate stress from a single event. However, what if you face additional difficulties during the legal process of trying to recover your damages?

For instance, what if there is no clear evidence to support who caused the crash? In this and other challenging situations, your attorney may recommend bringing in an accident reconstruction specialist.

Below Jay Trucks discusses what these experts do for a car crash claim, when they are needed and how their testimony could help a car crash case.

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What is Accident Reconstruction?

Accident reconstruction in a car crash case uses evidence, science and technology to clarify how the incident happened. This field requires an expert with special knowledge and training in a specific type of forensics and investigations.

These experts examine and use the same existing evidence from the crash scene, which could include:

  • The police report
  • Images from the crash scene
  • The extent and location of vehicle damage
  • Debris at the crash scene, such as broken auto parts, damaged signs, etc.
  • Other crash scene evidence, such as skid marks – or the lack of them
  • Video footage from nearby traffic cams or another driver’s dash cam
  • Credible witness testimony
  • Statements from the drivers involved

Unlike police officers or insurance investigators, however, these experts do a deeper dive into the gathered evidence. For instance, they may look more closely at things like unresolved safety recalls or other issues of the vehicles involved.

Is Accident Reconstruction Needed for Every Car Crash Case?

Not at all. Often, an accident reconstruction specialist would be an unnecessary expense. Your attorney would only recommend one if he or she felt it was needed.

Some of the most common times an attorney may consult with this type of expert includes when:

  • There are vastly different accounts about what happened
  • Catastrophic or fatal injuries occurred
  • One of the parties has memory loss and cannot recall what happened
  • Vehicles involved in the crash sustained extensive damage
  • Fault for the crash is not straightforward or readily apparent
  • The timeline leading up to the crash is not clear

Why Are the Details Discovered Via Accident Reconstruction Critical to a Case?

In any car crash claim, the burden of proof is on the victim. This means the victim must be able to prove the other party was negligent in some way and how that negligence led to the crash.

Victims represented by an attorney are more likely to be able to prove negligence and recover significant compensation than those who are not. However, sometimes even an attorney may need more details and stronger evidence to prove your claim.

What Additional Details Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Provide?

Accident reconstruction experts utilize the evidence, along with special software and computer programs, to recreate the collision, including the moments leading up to it. The end results may include detailed reports, diagrams and computer-aided visuals. This in-depth analysis helps to clear up foggy details about liability and how a crash happened.

For instance, an accident reconstruction expert may discover:

Actions or Non-Actions of a Driver Which Could Have Helped to Prevent the Crash

For example, if a driver was distracted, under the influence or driving while drowsy, he or she may not have applied the brakes in time, or at all.

Sometimes, there may be evidence at the crash scene that supports this, such as a lack of skid marks at the crash scene, but not always.

Examine Driver Errors That May Have Led to the Crash

A speeding driver may have lost control, causing his or her vehicle to slam into another vehicle or object. If the driver suffered catastrophic injuries, he or she may not remember what happened. Accident reconstruction could help to provide clarity about the seconds leading up to the impact.

How the Crash Contributed to a Victim’s Injuries

Recreating the crash scene using technology and science can help to show how the crash may have made a victim’s injuries more severe. This evidence could be especially useful in accidents where there are no witnesses to testify about what happened.

Create Visual Models or Animations

Having a visual representation of a crash and how it occurred can be extremely useful to a car crash case. This is especially true if one or both parties are badly injured or the vehicles are completely totaled.

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